Flexibility and Jumps – This class will focus on proper stretching technique and correct posture to work towards achieving extreme body positions. Athletes registering for this class should already have basic knowledge of the heel stretch, scale and scorpion body positions. This class is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for all athletes who fly on their respective teams. This class will focus on the fundamentals of jump technique, stretching and conditioning to improve an athlete’s jumps. Basic knowledge of all jumps is recommended to enroll in this class. . Coach to athlete ratio 1:8

Sports Strength and Conditioning – This is a class will focus on improving balance, core (abdominal & back) strength and flexibility. It will also work on footwork, core strength, endurance and speed for any sport. Wear clean athletic shoes and bring a bottle of water. Athletes at any skill level will see gains with exposure to core strength exercises, balance drills and stretching for lower/upper body. This class is highly recommended for all athletes.  Coach to athlete ratio 1:8

Flyer Class- This class focuses on body positions and holding them in the air. Proper technique for flyers in loading, transitions and dismounts.