The Glitz Way…Good Coaches Don’t Grow on Trees…

The Glitz Way….Good Staff Don’t Grow on Trees


Since October 2015, Pam and I have been working on implementing “The Glitz Way”. The Glitz Way is a staff training program. The program gives Pam and I peace of mind that no child is left behind, all staff are teaching in ways we feel appropriate and the staff themselves are growing as coaches. This large task has taken many revisions, trial and error and hours of hard work BUT the progress in our gym is proof that it is worth it!

As the old saying goes __________ doesn’t grow on trees, neither do good coaches. Our coaches are hand selected to coach at Glitz. We see potential in them, personality, positivity, integrity and determination. If they don’t possess these qualities, we don’t hire them. Once you make it on to the Glitz team you start with basic training. Throughout your first year at Glitz you receive numerous trainings and certifications. By the end of the first year our staff are certified by industry standard in the levels they are teaching, Heads UP! Concussion in youth sports training, basic first aid, and the Positive Coaching Alliance. In addition to the industry standards, Glitz runs bi-monthly training sessions, gives tests on level training, outside resources such as tumbling/gymnastics training and Proactive Coaching classes. In 2016 alone, our staff has received over 200 hours of additional training.

How do you make sure that coaches are absorbing all of this information and using it in class? At Glitz, our coaches have to make weekly lesson plans for all the classes they teach. They have to turn them in a month ahead of time for review. Each coach sets their own personal goals, athlete goals and class goals for every week. How awesome is that?  If your coach is absent, any other Glitz coach can read the lesson plans and keep your athlete on track with their goals. Like a well-oiled machine, The Glitz Way, keeps our coaches working together and developing. Our coaches collaborate and use each other’s research to create amazing lessons.

I can’t tell you how many times these coaches have come in early to work on plans or come up to me and said, “look at this awesome new drill I am going to use in my plans next month”.  It is such an amazing feeling to know that these coaches love their jobs and are excited to be lifelong learners in their field.  The Glitz Way, has helped nourish their passion and create some pretty stellar coaches!

Well folks, in closing I don’t feel I need to say anything more than “the proof is in the pudding”. Check out below the new achievements last month in our gym (if you don’t want to count 32 kids signed the wall for meeting their new skill goals!)

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