What is a “Leader” anyways?

A leader is one who knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way. —John Maxwell

A fitting quote for this blog on born leaders. Many cheerleaders poses the qualities of great leaders. Recently I have read many articles on “why to hire all-star cheerleaders” and “why cheerleaders make great employees”. It is not a mistake that the sport of cheerleading molds athletes into leaders. There are opportunities in every practice for athletes to step up and become the leader type.

Like many sports cheerleading is a considered a team sport. In order for the team to succeed, everyone needs to be present, fully alert and committed. In the same sense, cheerleading is an individual sport where you work on your individual skills outside of practice to bring to the team practice. For example, tumbling, motions, jumps, conditioning- the more an athlete works these outside of practice, the better they are for their team.

At Glitz we are blessed with many athletes that go the extra mile for their teams. Many of our athletes take extra flexibility and tumbling classes. One of our youngest athletes stands out in my mind as a “born leader” when it comes to leading by example and that is Corryn.  Corryn has been with Glitz for about a year and half. She started on a prep team and when we explained what her job was, she listened and applied it instantly. We knew then, that Corryn would go far in cheer! Corryn is naturally a hard worker and she knows that her team mates will do their job if she does hers. She puts her trust in them and expects that they follow her example. Corryn knows the way, goes the way, and shows the way! All essential elements in a born leader.

How does an athlete become a leader this young? They have great parenting, surroundings and overall natural ability to do what it right. Corryn’s parents chose to enroll her in a place that will nurture her athletic abilities as well as her character. Corryn is proof that there are natural born leaders on all teams and lucky for Glitz, we have many of them on our teams!


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