Ages 3-5

Little Ninja is a 30min class for the hyper toddler that needs to burn that energy. This class has a slightly modified course from the Ninja course. They will get their energy out while learning body awareness and a fun way to get some structure as they need to follow the course and wait their turn as needed.


It is a 45-minute class. They get a new course to learn and concur every 2-3 weeks. Each course has one or two sections that have a specific skill for them to really focus on and perfect. Kids love coming to class and seeing what the new challenge is going to be. They also LOVE when we have a free style period; where the kids get 30 seconds to use their creativity and skills to run the course however they’d like and the rest of the class gives a score 1-5. Most classes will finish with a quick game like floor is lava or sharks and minnows.


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